10 Aug 2012

A bike tour of Ireland

MrM has been away for 5 days now and I'm really missing him. We're lucky that we can communicate via email and MSN messenger and also have the odd call every now and then while he's on board the ship. We talk about a lot of day to day stuff but also reminisce quite a bit about what we did on the previous leave.  One of the main things this time being our bike tour around Ireland.

Bike tour of Ireland

MrM is a keen biker and over the last few years I've learned to love his bikes too. I would never ride a bike myself, I don't think I have the confidence, but I love to ride pillion. A couple of years ago we did a tour around Wales which was amazing.  And talking to some friends recently, who toured Europe on their bike, it got us fired up so we decided to do a mini tour around Ireland this summer in preparation for hopefully touring Europe next year. MrM bought a comms system so we could communicate with each other whilst on the bike and I really don't know how we managed without it before!

We set off from Newcastle on the Sunday morning and headed up North to stay with friends in Glasgow for the night, before heading over to Cairnryan to catch the ferry to Larne. It was pretty grey and miserable on the ride to Larne so we didn't have high hopes for the weather for the rest of the trip, thankfully though we both have textiles which are waterproof.

On the ferry over we got chatting to a group of elderely people (3 couples) who regaled us with tales of when they used to be bikers.  It was strange to hear an old lady in her 70s telling us stories about her bike! MrM was in his element talking about old bikes!

When we arrived in Larne the weather was much better and we took the Causeway Coastal Route to a B&B in Ballymoney (via the Giants Causeway) where we stayed the night, the following day we followed the coast to Killybegs, then onto Westport on day 3 before heading cross country to Dundalk and eventually back up to Larne to catch the ferry back.  It was a long week and backsides were incredibly sore by the time we got back home but it was an amzing trip which we both loved and we're both even more keen to have our European bike adventure now!

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