13 Aug 2012

Back on the shred

So what should have been day 5 of the shred became day 3... After my epic fail on the real day 3, I got up on day 4 and decided to do that days attempt after work as I was due to finish work at 9.  In reality, I got home from the pub with sore feet and a general lack of enthusiasm.  But I think the 2 day break did me good!
The aching in the my thighs has finally gone and I can bend down again with wincing! It feels amazing!!!!! So yesterday, on what should have been day 5, I motivated myself enough to do it and I felt so good about myself afterwards.  I was worried the aches and pains would return after having had my little break but I got up this morning and was absolutely fine.  I felt so good in fact that I did the shred again.  I'm still struggling to do the whole 20 mins without a little break but it is getting easier, thank god!  Let's hope I still feel this positive when I move onto to Level 2, I've heard it's going to be a killer... But I have another 6 days of level 1 to go before I need to worry about that!

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