10 Aug 2012

Ballymoney to Killybegs

After a delicious breakfast at our little B&B we set off on our long trip along the coast, trying to take in as many sights as possible before eventually ending up in Killybegs, Co Donegal. We found our way up to Magilligan Pier and took a ferry crossing to Greencastle.
Ferry from Magilligan Pier to Greencastle
Ferry from Magilligan Pier to Greencastle
We then headed down to Londonderry, over to Letterkenny and back up to Dunfanaghy, following the coast road along to Dunglow and then down to Killybegs.  We found it a bit off that when we kept passing from Northern Ireland to the Republic, there was no signs telling us. The only thing that gave it away was the road signs - we noticed the change from the use of mile to the use of kilometers.  I know there's no formal border between the 2 these days but we expected some sort of signs saying welcome to the Republic of Ireland or whatever, in the same way you see them when you cross the border from England to Scotland...

By the time we arrived in Killybegs the weather was terrible and we were glad to arrive at our B&B.  The B&B was unfortunately somewhat disappointing so the less said the better about that!  But we enjoyed a lovely meal in the local town and a few drinks in one of the friendly local pubs, with a  few games of pool.

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