6 Aug 2012

Day 1 of my new life...

I finished my job last week and although I finished on the Tuesday and had the rest of the week with my lovely MrM I'm classing today as my first proper, full day as a lady of leisure...

MrM works offshore and went back to work yesterday :-( We had a lovely few days before he left just chilling out together, it's a long time since we've done that!  In the past I've always been at work during the day when he's at home and then our precious evenings and weekends have been filled with trying to see friends/family and catch up with everyone.  So to have 4 full days doing nothing together at home has been absolute bliss!  It was so hard taking him to the airport and saying goodbye yesterday though and I'm already counting down the sleeps until I can head to the airport again to pick him up!!!

So today I've found myself at a little bit of a loose end.  It was strange waking up alone, having breakfast etc and not having to rush out the door to go to work.  Last week it didn't seem real, it just felt like I had a few days off but now reality has hit.  I've never not worked so this will be a huge shock to the system for me and I'm already looking for a part time role to keep my occupied while MrM is away. But in the meantime I've been searching for other blogs to read and follow for inspiration and have realised something about myself...  I always knew I loved food but it seems that the only ones catching my interest today are the food blogs which have some amazing looking recipes.  Not really a good thing when I'm off to Australia in 7 weeks time and need to be bikini ready.  MrM's trip is supposed to be my opportunity to tone up and slim down a little, not to discover new and exciting foods!!  I need to find some health and fitness blogs to motivate me instead, if anyone has any recommendations please let me know ;-) For now though, I think I'll go watch the olympics...  it's the thought that counts right?!

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