27 Sep 2012

I'm back!

We're back from a fantastic holiday Down Under and it's time for me to stop neglecting this...  We had a brilliant time and it's a struggle readjusting back to life in the cold, wet UK after such amazing weather in Aus.

We were incredibly lucky and had nothing but good weather while we were away.  It's depressing to be back and see rain again, we even had a little snow the other night.  Jetlag combined with the dark nights has been a real killer too.  Poor MrM only had a short time at home to adjust to it before he had to head back to work again too, so yesterday he had to get on his gazillionth long haul flight in 5 weeks to rejoin his ship.  (Maybe not quite accurate but I'm sure it felt like his gazillionth!)

I'm going to try and put some posts up about our lovely holiday as and when I can but it seems like there's so much to write about it and I'm in the process of negotiating a new job (which I'm very excited about!), as well as going back to shifts in the pub, so it might take me a little while!

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