3 Nov 2012

Adventures Down Under

It was so lovely to catch up with family in Australia!  Some of them we'd seen when they came over to the UK for our wedding last year but most we hadn't seen for 3 or 4 years and a lot had changed since then. Our first stop off was in Sydney where we enjoyed chilling out with the family by the pool and with occasional trips to the beach.  It was so great to have fantastic weather too, we were incredibly lucky!

After our stay in Sydney, we headed up to the Gold Coast to stay for a few days with Mr M's cousin and his family who live on a beautiful mountain. Since we were last there there's been 3 new additions to the family so we loved meeting the youngest members of the family and getting to know them.

It was difficult to leave the mountain but from there we drove up to Brisbane for a few more days of R&R and to celebrate my brother in laws 40th birthday.

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