14 Nov 2012


On our way home from Aus, we chose to spend 5 nights in Bali.  We dreamed of a beautiful paradise island, white sandy beaches and lovely inviting sea but were a little disappointed!  Having spoken to other people who've been to Bali perhaps we stayed in the wrong part of Bali though...

The little hotel we stayed in was lovely and definitely value for money.  The staff and management were fantactic and we cannot recommend Ellie's Hotel in Nusa Dua enough!!  Its not somewhere you would stay if you're looking for 5 star luxury but if you want somewhere clean, comfortable and friendly it is ideal.  We were made to feel incredibly welcome and couldn't fault it.  Especially after I got food poisoning (not at the hotel I should mention!) - the manager David gave me something to settle my stomach and the staff ordered food in for my husband to eat in the room as we couldn't leave to go out to a restaurant.

On our first night we ate a restaurant on the beach, watching the sunset and being serenaded by a band.  While it was lovely at the time, the food poisoning I got wasn't so great!

Once I got over my food poisoning, we hired a driver for a day and did a tour of the island and on the last day both did a tandem paraglide which we would recommend!  I thought I would chicken out but it was the most amazing experience!!

Bali tourist police, ready at a moments notice!

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