16 Dec 2013

He's here!

Baby I arrived a few days ago on his due date, hurrah!!!  He must take after his father as I would never be that punctual ;-) We are now the proud parents of a beautiful little boy who arrived by emergency C section, after 20 odd hours of labour. After all the pain and effort I was a little upset when I was told I would have to have a C section but once he was here and I found out he was 8lbs 14ozs I was actually a little relieved I hadn't had to push him out! So far he seems to be a very relaxed and chilled out little dude, although I suspect that's because he's so sleepy from the drugs I had to have for the section... But we're both doing well and Mr M and I are excited to get to know our lovely little boy now :-)

15 Nov 2013

Maternity leave starts now!!

Not sure where the last few months have gone, maternity leave seems to have crept up on me very quickly! It's strange to think I'm finishing work for 10 months and won't be back until September but I'm sure that will fly over too and it'll be time to go back to work before I know it.

To mark the occasion my lovely colleagues made Malteser Frappes, well it is Frappe Friday after all!!  And they surprised me with some lovely gifts, my favourite being the Mummy Bear and Baby Bear hats, can't wait for Baby to arrive so we can wear our matching hats!!

5 Nov 2013

The joys of pregnancy

Urgh why does nobody tell you the truth about pregnancy before you actually get pregnant?! Not only do you end up feeling huge but there's a plethora of 'joys of pregnancy' to deal with! Granted not everyone gets all of them and on the whole I probably have been pretty lucky compared to most (with the exception of the morning sickness of course) but I am fed up of being pregnant!

Acid reflux is a b*****d, no matter what I eat I end up suffering...  I can't stand Gaviscon so have resorted to Tums and they're my best friends right now. If I leave the house and have forgotten to take my trusty packet of Tums, I feel like crying because I know it's only a matter of time before that burning sensation at the top of my throat rears its ugly head. Of course I shouldn't complain too much as I don't get full on heartburn like many pregnant women but I've had this since the second trimester, on and off, and now it seems to be pretty much a permanent thing for me. I've followed advice to not eat after 6pm, not lie down for 2hrs after eating, cut out chocolate etc (ok maybe not cut out completely but I've certainly cut down...) and no matter what I get the dreaded reflux.  The worst is when I wake up at 2 or 3am with that burning sensation and have to sit up, I inevitably end up getting up as I don't want to disturb Mr M so end up sitting downstairs watching rubbish tv.  I thought the sleepless nights were supposed to happen after the baby arrived not before?!

Don't even get me started on the other joys, that would be way too much information to share... ;-)

23 Sep 2013

An early birthday at Las Iguanas Newcastle

It's not my birthday for another month but Mr M headed back to work this weekend and will miss it, booooo!!!! As an early birthday celebration he took me to Las Iguanas in Newcastle though, well I say he took me...  I decided I wanted to go and being pregnant, it made sense for me to drive so he could have a drink so I guess technically I took him ;-)

I'd heard really good things about Las Iguanas, I know loads of people who love it and have to say we were pretty impressed. The only downside for me was that I couldn't partake in the fab 2 for 1 cocktail deal, the menu looked amazing and post pregnancy I will definitely be going back to sample some of them (once I've finished breastfeeding of course!). Mr M opted for the 2 for 1 on the Caipirinhas, a lethal Brazilian cocktail made from cane spirit, that he got a taste for a few years back when he worked in Shanghai of all places. I think he struggled with it a little though as it was so strong and probably not the best accompaniment to a meal!!!  Despite missing out on the cocktails I was able to enjoy some of their delicious mocktails which were on the same deal. Not quite the same as a proper cocktail but they were lovley and way better than having to drink boring old lemonade! I particularly liked the Tropical Cooler, a blend of mango, pineapple, lime & lemonade.

For food, we opted for a Taco Sharing Tray which is highly recommended, a very sociable way to eat and very tasty. Also fairly filling so we struggled to finish our main courses, the Extraordinary XinXim for me and the Honey Chili Chicken Churrasco Fiasco for Mr M. We both enjoyed our mains but I think it's fair to say I got the better dish and Mr M was pretty jealous.

All in all we really enjoyed our dinner at Las Iguanas and can see why people rave about it so much, for a big chain restaurant we thought the food was really well done and at a reasonable price too. We will definitely be returning when we can!

30 Aug 2013

Crag Lea Cottage, Borrowdale

Back in June, when I was still suffering from the dreaded morning sickness, we hired a little cottage called Crag Lea in Borrowdale, near Keswick, in the Lake District. I think the fresh air and getting away from home really helped me feel a bit better although I did have a few days of feeling rough.

The cottage itself was lovely and was perfect for a holiday with our little dog Bella, she loved it there. Borrowdale itself is a small village with a river which Bella loved playing in.

Stopping for a quick drink en route to the cottage
Playing in the River

Playing in the River
I was still a bit rough while we were there but we managed to go sailing a few times and even do some walking, although I have to admit I straggled behind a bit and normally had to stop about half way up the hills while Mr M and Bella continued to the top!

Sailing on Derwant Water

The cottage itself was lovely and could have slept up to 6 people in the 3 bedrooms although I think it would have been a little crowded with 6 adults. The wood burner in the living room was definitely the highlight though and we made sure we made the most of it while we were there, especially on the cold and wet days.

All in all we loved our time at the cottage, it was the perfect base to explore the Lakes and we would highly recommend it.

6 Aug 2013

A new lease of life!

After weeks of being miserable from morning sickness, Mr Matt returned home from work and did a fab job of looking after me.  I was still throwing up regularly when he got home but he insisted that I start eating properly again and made me start trying all the foods that turned my stomach again. His tough love attitude seemed to work well and at around 18 weeks the sickness had started to die off, yeay!!!  I'm still being sick from time to time, but nowhere near as bad as I was.

I haven't enjoyed a lot of the things he's made me try to eat again but thankfully I've managed to keep a lot of them down, although admittedly I can only eat small portions.  I have discovered a new love of bacon butties so long as the bacon is extra crispy but I think making me eat fish pie was a step too far, I don't think I'll ever be able to eat it again...  bleurgh!!! So far as a result of the morning sickness I've lost almost a stone and a half and am thinner than I've ever been I think. I'm now nearly 22 weeks pregnant, feeling loads better and starting to gain a little weight again now, thankfully.  I think I can even say I'm starting to enjoy this pregnancy lark a little now :-)

5 Aug 2013

Morning sickness, bleurgh!!

When I found out I was pregnant I had every intention of keeping a journal of the pregnancy, recording all my ups and downs, excitement and fears and all the key moments over the 9 months - something that I could look back on in years to come and share with Baby Matt when they're older. Unfortunately that went out the window when the morning sickness kicked in around week 6! After more than 10 weeks of horrific sickness (I honestly thought I was going to die at one point!) I finally started to feel somewhat human again, but by human I mean able to get out of bed, shower, get dressed and keep some food down. I can honestly say for the majority of it so far, I have really not enjoyed pregnancy!

I think I had a somewhat romantic idea that pregnancy would be a breeze.  Yes I expected to feel a little rough for a few weeks, after all it was the rough feeling that convinced me I should do a pregnancy test...  but I expected that to pass fairly quickly and to move into the 'glowing' phase, where I would have amazing skin and hair and look fantastic, full of the joy of growing a new life.  I couldn't have been more wrong!!!  Initially the nausea wasn't too bad - if I got hungry, I would start to feel bad but as soon as I ate something I would feel better. I thought "this isn't too bad" and was super excited about what was to come.

Around week 6, just after Mr Matt returned to work for a full 6 weeks, the sickness really kicked in and I have never felt so bad in all my life. Getting out of bed was a struggle, showering was a nightmare and brushing my teeth was just plain traumatic. For a few weeks I managed to struggle through and made it into work, although I did spend an inordinate amount of time in the ladies. By week 8, I couldn't cope with it any more and was signed off on the sick by my doctor. I couldn't physically brush my teeth without it making me throw up and I was finding it impossible to keep food down. I was starting to struggle to drink water and keep that down too and after a trip to the Midwife's drop in clinic, I was admitted to my local hospital with Hypermesis Gravidarum and to be rehydrated.

The midwives, doctors and nurses at Wansbeck General Hospital were fantastic and very reassuring - as I'd not been able to keep anything down, including my pregnancy vitamins and folic acid I was convinced my sickness would have damaged Baby Matt. I was given an early scan to check I wasn't carrying twins and also to reassure me that everything was ok, despite feeling so ill it did actually help to make me feel a bit better. I was reassured that even though I may not be getting the nutrients I needed, I had a store of them in my body that Baby Matt would be using up (another reason for me feeling so ill) and the worse the morning sickness, the healthier the baby should be as they think the sickness is caused by incredibly high levels of the pregnancy hormone. After a day and a half on a drip and some anti sickness meds I felt pretty good and was discharged with a stash of pills to help with sickness.  However after a couple of days as home, the sickness kicked back in and I felt like I was back at square one... I'm not sure I believe these people who say they wish they could be pregnant every day of their lives, so far pregnancy has been less than fun!!!

3 Aug 2013

8 months in a nutshell...

So I don't know where the last 8 months have disappeared to... They've completely flown over and life has changed beyond all recognition, especially in the last few months! As a quick overview I have...
  • Started a new job
  • Adopted a beautiful, if very naughty, puppy
  • Climbed Snowdon
  • Had a very cold holiday in rural, snowy Northumberland
  • Discovered I was pregnant
  • Suffered 10 weeks of horrendous morning sickness 
  • Been admitted to hospital for severe dehydration
  • Gone completely off fruit & veg and adopted a very unhealthy diet
  • Spent a week in the beautiful Lake District
  • Had 3 scans
  • Become obsessed with prams and all things baby
  • Started to grow a rather obvious bump :-)
I can't believe how fast this year is going so far and no doubt it's going to speed up as I get further into my pregnancy...  

Time to stop neglecting the blog....

So when I gave up full time work I had every intention of starting this blog to keep me occupied and out of trouble but in November I was offered a part time role working for a local tea company and then not long after we adopted our gorgeous pooch Bella and somehow the blog got forgotten about! It's been a crazy 8 or 9 months but I'm determined to start this blog up again and actually use it this time!