6 Aug 2013

A new lease of life!

After weeks of being miserable from morning sickness, Mr Matt returned home from work and did a fab job of looking after me.  I was still throwing up regularly when he got home but he insisted that I start eating properly again and made me start trying all the foods that turned my stomach again. His tough love attitude seemed to work well and at around 18 weeks the sickness had started to die off, yeay!!!  I'm still being sick from time to time, but nowhere near as bad as I was.

I haven't enjoyed a lot of the things he's made me try to eat again but thankfully I've managed to keep a lot of them down, although admittedly I can only eat small portions.  I have discovered a new love of bacon butties so long as the bacon is extra crispy but I think making me eat fish pie was a step too far, I don't think I'll ever be able to eat it again...  bleurgh!!! So far as a result of the morning sickness I've lost almost a stone and a half and am thinner than I've ever been I think. I'm now nearly 22 weeks pregnant, feeling loads better and starting to gain a little weight again now, thankfully.  I think I can even say I'm starting to enjoy this pregnancy lark a little now :-)

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