23 Sep 2013

An early birthday at Las Iguanas Newcastle

It's not my birthday for another month but Mr M headed back to work this weekend and will miss it, booooo!!!! As an early birthday celebration he took me to Las Iguanas in Newcastle though, well I say he took me...  I decided I wanted to go and being pregnant, it made sense for me to drive so he could have a drink so I guess technically I took him ;-)

I'd heard really good things about Las Iguanas, I know loads of people who love it and have to say we were pretty impressed. The only downside for me was that I couldn't partake in the fab 2 for 1 cocktail deal, the menu looked amazing and post pregnancy I will definitely be going back to sample some of them (once I've finished breastfeeding of course!). Mr M opted for the 2 for 1 on the Caipirinhas, a lethal Brazilian cocktail made from cane spirit, that he got a taste for a few years back when he worked in Shanghai of all places. I think he struggled with it a little though as it was so strong and probably not the best accompaniment to a meal!!!  Despite missing out on the cocktails I was able to enjoy some of their delicious mocktails which were on the same deal. Not quite the same as a proper cocktail but they were lovley and way better than having to drink boring old lemonade! I particularly liked the Tropical Cooler, a blend of mango, pineapple, lime & lemonade.

For food, we opted for a Taco Sharing Tray which is highly recommended, a very sociable way to eat and very tasty. Also fairly filling so we struggled to finish our main courses, the Extraordinary XinXim for me and the Honey Chili Chicken Churrasco Fiasco for Mr M. We both enjoyed our mains but I think it's fair to say I got the better dish and Mr M was pretty jealous.

All in all we really enjoyed our dinner at Las Iguanas and can see why people rave about it so much, for a big chain restaurant we thought the food was really well done and at a reasonable price too. We will definitely be returning when we can!