15 Nov 2013

Maternity leave starts now!!

Not sure where the last few months have gone, maternity leave seems to have crept up on me very quickly! It's strange to think I'm finishing work for 10 months and won't be back until September but I'm sure that will fly over too and it'll be time to go back to work before I know it.

To mark the occasion my lovely colleagues made Malteser Frappes, well it is Frappe Friday after all!!  And they surprised me with some lovely gifts, my favourite being the Mummy Bear and Baby Bear hats, can't wait for Baby to arrive so we can wear our matching hats!!

5 Nov 2013

The joys of pregnancy

Urgh why does nobody tell you the truth about pregnancy before you actually get pregnant?! Not only do you end up feeling huge but there's a plethora of 'joys of pregnancy' to deal with! Granted not everyone gets all of them and on the whole I probably have been pretty lucky compared to most (with the exception of the morning sickness of course) but I am fed up of being pregnant!

Acid reflux is a b*****d, no matter what I eat I end up suffering...  I can't stand Gaviscon so have resorted to Tums and they're my best friends right now. If I leave the house and have forgotten to take my trusty packet of Tums, I feel like crying because I know it's only a matter of time before that burning sensation at the top of my throat rears its ugly head. Of course I shouldn't complain too much as I don't get full on heartburn like many pregnant women but I've had this since the second trimester, on and off, and now it seems to be pretty much a permanent thing for me. I've followed advice to not eat after 6pm, not lie down for 2hrs after eating, cut out chocolate etc (ok maybe not cut out completely but I've certainly cut down...) and no matter what I get the dreaded reflux.  The worst is when I wake up at 2 or 3am with that burning sensation and have to sit up, I inevitably end up getting up as I don't want to disturb Mr M so end up sitting downstairs watching rubbish tv.  I thought the sleepless nights were supposed to happen after the baby arrived not before?!

Don't even get me started on the other joys, that would be way too much information to share... ;-)