5 Feb 2014

Healthy eating starts... tomorrow? Maybe?!

Since Baby I arrived, Mr M and I have been pigging out and not really watching what we're eating. We decided that healthy eating would start on Monday but it got off to a bad start when Mr M made tea in the morning, while I was feeding Baby M, and brought it up to me in bed with some biscuits. His argument was that the biscuits had fruit in them so it was ok... hmmmmm! It went from bad to worse when we went for a walk along the seafront and stopped for coffee to warm us up, again Mr M was a bad influence and bought us cake to go with the coffee. After that we decided it was pointless pretending we were healthy eating that day and would start the next day...  but again we failed miserably! We really need to start being more disciplined but my friend just sent me the most amazing looking recipe for Creme Egg Brownies. Maybe we should wait until next week ;-)

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