8 Apr 2014

Lottie Mcphee's Whitley Bay

My aunty recently had a few Living Social vouchers to use for Lottie Mcphee's in Whitley Bay so being the dutiful niece I am, I agreed to help her use them ;-) The deal was for 2 drinks and 4 cupcakes but as piggy as we may be sometimes, not even we could manage to eat 2 of the delicious cupcakes by ourselves so we brought the spare ones home for Mr Matt and my uncle. On our first visit I had a 'Victoria Sponge' cupcake as I'd given up chocolate for lent, the cake was lovely and moist I loved the mini Jammy Dodger on top, although it was a little soggy if I'm honest...

I particularly liked the vintage china they served our tea and cupcakes in/on.

We went back again the next week as the vouchers were due to expire, it's such a hard life! This time I opted for the Amaretto cupcake, I'd given up on giving up chocolate by this point and besides there was only a drizzle ;-) Plus I like the think the strawberry on top made it kind of healthy!! ha ha

The Living Social deal was very good value and I will definitely be snapping up a few vouchers myself next time they're on sale. I will however be returning for tea and cake even without the deal, the cakes themselves are light and moist and while I'm not a huge fan of butter icing normally, they're so beautifully decorated it's difficult to resist!

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