5 May 2014

The Week That Was: Captured #1

So here's my very first Week that Was...

1. Lovely long walk at our local Nature Reserve, culminating in Bella the Dog taking a swim in the pond
2. Day 2 started with Little Chunk attempting to feed himself porridge. He loves the stuff but struggle a bit to actually get it in his mouth!
3. Started with a visit from friends and then a long walk at Seaton Sluice with the dog
4. A little more successful self feeding of porridge!
5. A full day out, starting in Seaton Sluice Harbour, a trip to Titlington Mount and ending up in Alnmouth, again on the beach
6. The sun was out so out came the Pimm's and the sun promptly disappeared! Nevertheless we enjoyed a jug or two with a BBQ
7. Woke up to find Little Chunk the wrong way round in his cot, feeling very proud of himself!