6 Jul 2014

The Week That Was: Captured #3

Monday was a pretty full day. LC and I went swimming at our local pool, they run a class called Swim-a-Song that we both love. It teaches water safety using nursery rhymes. I was terrified of the water as a child so want to ensure Baby I is comfortable and confident in the water. We didn't have time to go home for lunch so had a picnic in the car on our way to Bounce & Rhyme.

On Tuesday my gorgeous little man discovered he likes fruit! It was a huge milestone for us, previously he'd refused to eat fruit and I thought he didn't like it. Now I know it was just that he struggled to hold the fruit but now he's got the hang of it, he's a little fruit monster!

Wednesday was one of our favourite classes, Piccolo Music! Baby I and I both love it as it's not the same old boring nursery rhymes and the ladies who run it are very lively and enthusiastic. We're gutted it's not on over the summer holidays! After that we met some of our friends at the park for a picnic.


It was the Aldi Baby Event on Thursday and my chunky monkey rode in the trolley for the first time, like a big boy. Where has my baby gone?!

Friday was Baby Sensory and my little chunk was moved up to the big boys class. It was a charity morning with Cowboy theme, Yeehaaa!!!

On Saturday we had planned to go to the Chilli Festival but the weather wasn't too great. We ended up going to one of our locals for some drinks, it was the landlady's birthday and her daughter had arranged a huge party. It was a brilliant evening and LC enjoyed the live music from inside the pub :-)

Sunday was a bit of a disaster with a very unhappy little boy! Lots of tears and tantrums so it was hard work. And to top it all off I dropped my changing bag, there was a bottle of calpol inside...  calpol comes in glass bottles :-( So I ended up with a very sticky bag, I've had to adopt a very stylish new changing bag until my proper one is back in action!!

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  1. Oooh Baby I is so cute!!! Sounds like you've had a fab week :)

    Thanks so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx