15 Jul 2014


Mr M and I consciously chose to start weaning Baby I at 17 weeks, he was sitting up unaided, showing an interest and started waking during the night again for a feed. With him being so young we started with purees and despite my best intentions I used shop bought purees instead of making them myself. This was for 2 reasons, firstly convenience - I wanted to ensure he was ready for food before spending hours chopping, boiling and blitzing loads of fruit and veg. But secondly because on the occasions when I pureed veg that we ourselves were having, Baby I refused to eat them. At the same time as giving him purees, I was also giving him fruit or veg from my plate to play with. Everything was going in his mouth anyway so it may as well be food right? Very little actually went in his mouth but he loved playing with it. Because of this, once he was able to feed himself I still chose to give him some puree to top it up, after all he was used to having a fair bit of food from his purees. Recently however he's started refusing purees so it looks like we're going down the Baby Led Weaning route from here on which means I'm on the lookout for some tasty recipes we can all eat. I refuse to cook separate meals for Baby I! I'm currently working my way through recipes from a book called 'Weaning Made Easy', some of the recipes are pretty tasty (albeit in need of extra seasoning for my portion) but I've discovered a website called weelicious which I'm hoping will give me some more exciting ideas!

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